Flash Results, Inc. - Contractor License              1/26/2018 - 2:46 PM
                           Houston Invitational                           
             University of Houston   - 1/26/2018 to 1/27/2018             
                            Yeoman Field House                            
Event 113  Men Long Jump Invitational
 Top 10 entries - all others in Men LJ at 5:30 pm                         
        Meet: m 7.95m  2/5/2000    Savante Stringfellow, Mississippi      
 Field House: f 8.03m  1/21/2005   Brian Johnson, unattached              
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Tyrone Smith                 Unattached               7.77m   25-06.00
      7.77m  PASS  5.98m  PASS  PASS  7.54m                               
  2 Antwan Dickerson             Houston                  7.50m   24-07.25
      7.05m  7.50m  7.41m  7.50m  7.45m  7.50m                            
  3 Jared Kerr                   Houston                  7.43m   24-04.50
      6.84m  7.39m  7.24m  7.40m  FOUL  7.43m                             
  4 Drayton Rolle                D.T.S.P Houston          7.36m   24-01.75
      7.36m  7.03m  7.23m  7.02m  7.10m  6.88m                            
  5 Brian O'Bonna                Lamar                    6.91m   22-08.00
      6.35m  FOUL  FOUL  6.91m  6.81m  6.84m                              
  6 Jarvis Gotch                 Take Notice Sports       6.84m   22-05.25
      6.78m  6.84m  PASS  FOUL  PASS  PASS                                
  7 Shemar Smith                 Unattached               6.82m   22-04.50
      6.82m  6.54m  6.69m  6.41m  6.40m  FOUL                             
  8 Tevin Kimble                 Texas Southern           6.49m   21-03.50
      6.49m  5.23m  FOUL  PASS  PASS  PASS