Kinkaid Relays 2018

March 8, 2018

The Kinkaid School

Houston, Texas


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Flash Results Texas

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Compiled Results


Girls Results

Girls 100m Dash

Girls 200m Dash

Girls 400m Dash

Girls 800m Run

Girls 1600m Run

Girls 3200m Run

Girls 100m Hurdles

Girls 300m Hurdles

Girls 4x100m Relay

Girls 4x400m Relay

Girls 4x800m Relay

Girls High Jump

Girls Pole Vault

Girls Long Jump

Girls Triple Jump

Girls Shot Put

Girls Discus Throw


Boys Results

Boys 100m Dash

Boys 200m Dash

Boys 400m Dash

Boys 800m Run

Boys 1600m Run

Boys 3200m Run

Boys 110m Hurdles

Boys 300m Hurdles

Boys 4x100m Relay

Boys 4x400m Relay

Boys 4x800m Relay

Boys High Jump

Boys Pole Vault

Boys Long Jump

Boys Triple Jump

Boys Shot Put

Boys Discus Throw